With the release of The Festival Clutch upon us in a few days, I thought it might help if I could share with you where I purchase zippers, hardware and leather from to make these clutches.

The pattern is being released as part of One Thimble– Issue 17. You can purchase as part of the issue or as a stand alone pattern.

The Festival Clutch comes in two sizes and lends itself to loads of customisation options. It is such a fun and satisfying sew, you won’t stop at just one!

Hardware: Hardware in this pattern is optional, however if like me you love all the shiny things you will find some beauties that you can add here in my favourite bag hardware shops:

  1. Emmaline Bags
  2. Who Says Sew
  3. Handbag Hardware Australia
  4. Bringberry Handbag Hardware
  5. Studio Mio
  6. Sew Creative Supplies 

You can add rivets, domed rivets (Handbag Hardware Australia) or even bag feet like Deadly Mojo Sewing did on her Festival Clutch.

Leather: You can use leather, vinyl or cork on your festival clutch. There are so many options out there when purchasing – I suggest speaking to the supplier directly and let them know what type of sewing machine you have and they should be able to work with you to obtain the correct thickness and leather type for your project.

  1. Packer Direct Leather Shop (Aus) – In Australia, Packer is my top suggestion for leather purchasing. The staff are extremely helpful, the products are top quality and the prices are very reasonable
  2. Orroroo Leather (Aus)
  3. Peggy Sue Leather (U.S)
  4. House of Adorn (Aus)
  5. East Coast Leather (Aus)
  6. Mikri Vinyl (U.S).
  7. Sew Sweetness (U.S)

Here are some beautiful testers examples of different finishes on the fringing front panel- 1. Curtiepie 2. Paisley Lane Boutique 3. Annie Zorzo Accessories

Zippers: I love pretty zippers, they finish the Festival Clutch off perfectly and are worth spending the money on a decent quality zipper. I recommend a size #5 for the Festival Clutch. I often purchase zips by the metre with assorted zipper pulls to play with different combinations to match my fabric.

  1. Who Says Sew
  2. Zipit on Etsy
  3. Handbag Hardware Australia
  4. Bringberry Handbag Hardware

All of these pretty coloured zips (and more!) are available from Who Says Sew. I love them all!! I made my rose gold clutch below using a pretty zipper from Who Says Sew also.  

I hope that helps you get organised for the release of the Festival Clutch.

If you know of other amazing suppliers, feel free to email me and I can add them to these lists above.

Happy Sewing,