Welcome to the LMD Maker’s Spotlight where I get to share with you amazing LMD Maker’s. You will get to learn more about their bag making journey’s and see some of their inspirational work.

Today’s LMD Maker’s Spotlight is all about Annie Zorzo Accessories. 

I have been in awe of Annie’s work for many years, I love her unique style and use of leather. Annie is not only a talented artisan but one of the most down to earth and kind ladies that I know.

I hope you enjoy this week’s Maker’s Spotlight with beautiful Annie.

Hello out there, I’m Annie and I have serious addiction to bags!  For some people it’s shoes, stamps, lets even go so far as spoons, but for me it’s bags!!  I love them in all shapes and sizes, all colours and designs.  I love designing them, making them, carrying them…. I even change the bag I’m using several times a week depending on what I’m wearing!

Annie Zorzo Accessories

The addiction started a long time ago and just continued to grow.  So much so that I went to Uni in London while I was living over there to learn how to design and make them myself.  That was the beginning and over a decade later I’m still doing it.  I’m in my happy place when I’m in my making studio.

My studio has a physical shop front and can be found in Lismore – Northern NSW.  Online I can be found on Instagram and Facebook.

Instagram:  www.instagram.com/AnnieZorzo

Online Shop:  www.anniezorzo.com

How did you get into bag making? 

I was the crafty kid – always being creative with something.  My mum taught me to sew and I studied textiles in school.  I loved it, but life took a different turn and I ended up in Corporate Human Resources in Sydney and then London.  After being made redundant while in London, I wanted to go back to being creative and enrolled in an Arts course followed by an Accessories Degree at the London College of Fashion.  I had my first baby while I was still studying and talked my way onto a part-time Women’s Wear Fashion Degree – doing Accessories – so I could finish with my Bachelor Degree. It was hard work juggling being a new mum and studying, but I wouldn’t change any of it.

Zen Pouch


What is your favourite bag making notion?

Just one?  Hmmm…. Double Sided Tape – I couldn’t do without it, and clips.  As I work mainly in leather, I can’t use pins, so these two keep everything in place until it’s sewn up.

Urban Bucket Bag hacked into backpack

Pattern: https://littlemoodesigns.com/product/urban-bucket-bag-pattern/

What type of sewing machine do you use to sew your bags and why?

I have three industrial machines and a couple of domestic machines. My workhorse is a Pfaff 335 Cylinder Arm. I made a flat-bed attachment out of a cardboard box and it’s this machine that I use 95% of the time.  I bought her second hand in London and shipped to Australia when we moved back.  I get her serviced every couple of years and do regularly oiling myself and she’s amazing!  And “her”… Yes, I call her Patsy.

Why this machine is simply down to strength.  As I sew with leather, a domestic machine just wouldn’t go through the layered seams especially when I’m doing leather piping.

And why leather?  I come from generations of cattle farmers and growing up on a farm, you get the whole scope of living and working with animals.  For me, it was a natural choice to work with bovine leather, and I believe it’s a beautiful material to work with.  But leather isn’t for everyone – I totally get that and respect everyone’s opinion and choice.

The Festival Clutch

Pattern: https://littlemoodesigns.com/product/festival-clutch/

What advice do you have for someone starting out in bag making?

Start off simple, read the pattern and don’t be afraid to ask questions. There are so many sewing support groups with a wealth of knowledge. I love these groups and gradually you move up to more complex patterns adding more skills as you go.  It’s a journey but don’t jump too hard too fast… take the time to build up your confidence and guaranteed you’ll love the process and your resulting bags.

What is your all time favourite Little Moo Designs pattern and why?

Fold over clutch. Quick, easy and so many ways to customize…it’s a great pattern to start with. I love LMD generally as all Kylie’s designs can be customized to make them uniquely you.  A sign of a great designer!

Fold Over Party Clutch

What is your favourite joke?

I am absolutely TERRIBLE at telling jokes.  I just don’t deliver them right.  But random acts of misfortune totally crack me up – probably because it could so easily be me!!  But jokes I just can’t do.

What is a fact that people would not know about you but might find interesting!

My leather making studio is right next to a Vegan Ice-cream Maker.

What is a sewing skill you haven’t yet mastered but want to try?

Not necessarily a “sewing” skill, but I’d love to try leather carving and stamping and incorporate them into my bags.  That little thing called time and life keep getting in the way.

Queen Bee Bowler Bag

Pattern: https://littlemoodesigns.com/product/queenbeebowlerbag/

What do you like to listen to when sewing?

Podcasts!!!! I love Triple J, especially Dr Karl on Thursdays at 11am, and Hobba and Hing from 3pm, but between that I usually go for Podcasts. My favourite at the moment is “Life Uncut” with Laura and Brittany from The Batchelor.  They do a segment called Accidently Unfiltered which is people writing in with their random acts of misfortune.  It’s a serious crack up and you’ll be laughing for hours afterwards!

I’m also in a book club, and when I’m running out of time before our next meeting, I cheat a bit and listen to the audio book.  I’m actually listening to one now…. But don’t tell anyone!

Thanks so much Annie, I have loved learning more about your fabulous work. I would love to know what you have enjoyed most about this week’s LMD Maker’s Spotlight, please leave us a message below.

Until next time,

Happy Sewing, Kylie xx

Pinky Promise Bags


Little Moo Haversack Bag

Festival Clutch