Welcome to Day 3 of the Matilda Saddle Bag Sewalong!

Today is all about adding pockets to the lining of your bag and adding gussets and strap connectors to the body panels.

If you have never attempted a zipper pocket before, please don’t worry I am here to help you and show you my easy way to do this! Once you have done a few you will be adding them to all of your bags.

  • It’s time to add a zipper pocket to your bag. You can add this to the back body panel, lining panel or even the front body panel! You can add multiple if you like. This is the beauty of making your very own bag, you can customise it to suit what YOU need!
  • Here are some videos to help you with zippers and zipper pockets that I think you will find helpful.

And here is how to add zipper pockets to your bags:

  • Follow step 6 and add a slip pocket to your bag.
  • If you are using the bonus tutorial and adding a leather/cork/vinyl gusset overlay to your bag, now is the time to add this.
  • Also add your strap connectors depending on which option you have chosen. To give your strap connectors extra strength, you may like to double stitch them in place.

Matilda Saddle Bag

  • Leather/Cork/Vinyl Tips: DO NOT use pins, they leave marks in your leather, instead use wonderclips or pegs. I use a teflon foot and increase the stitch length on my machine to a 4.5mm length when sewing leather. You might like to practice to see what settings work on your machine and write these down so you have them for future reference.¬†
  • Follow step 9 & 10 of the pattern and piece your bag together. Don’t forget to clip the curves!

  • Now it’s time to “birth your bag”, yep it’s a thing. Pull your completed bag SLOWLY through the zipper pocket. This is a magic trick that bagmakers are crazy for. Why you might ask are we not just leaving a turning gap in the lining and turning that way? I am all about a professional finish and turning through the zipper pocket means your bag has a seamless, professional finish both inside and out!
  • If you are adding a tassel to your bag, now you can add the second side of the magnetic snap to your bag. The way that I do this is – fill your bag with a towel so it’s nice and full. Fold the flap closed, use the flap on the magnetic snap as your guide as to where the second magnetic snap sits. (By filling your bag and marking the placement mark this way, you get the exact spot the snap needs to be for when your bag is full). Add the magnetic snap as per step 3 of the pattern instructions.
  • You can now close the turning gap in the zipper pocket. I machine stitch mine closed however you may prefer to hand stitch this.
  • Poke all the insides of your bag back in the right way. Stuff your bag nice and full with a towel (or bubble wrap), clip the magnetic snap closed and set aside. Leave this way for 24 hours, this helps your bag form it’s beautiful saddle shape.

Phew! That was a big day but stand back and admire your amazing bag making work! You have just completed the Matilda Saddle Bag body!! Isn’t it an awesome size and shape! I just love making them so much.

Matilda Saddle Bag

Tomorrow is the final day of the Matilda Saddle Bag Sewalong, we will be creating the adjustable shoulder strap and I will show you how I add the tassel as an extra special feature to finish my bags.

We would love to see pictures of your progress during the sewalong, share your pics on instagram and Facebook and use the #matildasaddlebag and #matildasaddlebagsewalong 

I would love to know below what you have learnt so far from this sewalong? Have you tried a new skill? Is this your first bag? Feel free to comment below.

Catch you tomorrow!