Welcome to Day 3 of The Shine On Sling Bag Sew Along.

I am loving seeing your amazing fabric choices so far!! Yesterday’s pocket day was a huge success with you guys mastering zipper pockets, adding piping and creating crossover pockets! Well done, this is so much fun. It’s time to move onto our next steps!!

Grab your Shine On Sling Bag pattern, today we are working on steps 4 & 5 of the pattern. I also have a pattern hack for you on how to add a zipper closure to your bag instead of a magnetic snap!

  •  As per the pattern instructions make the strap and strap connector, this is pretty straight forward.
  • If  you do not have the O rings, you can make one long strap. Simply measure how long you want your strap, it can be worn over the shoulder or crossbody. And adjust the length measurement for the strap to your desired measurement.

  •  Follow step 5 of the pattern and add a magnetic snap to your bag.
  • You might find this video helpful. 

Some people prefer a zipper closure for their bag, here is a pattern hack if you would like to try this!

  1. Cut 2 x fabric (13″ L x 4″ W), Cut 2 x fusible fleece (12″ L x 3/4″ W)
  2.  Fold your fabric strips in half lengthways and press, this is now your centre seam.
  3. Open the fabric strap back up and fold the short edges over 1/2″ and press.
  4.  Fold the long raw edge seams in towards the centre seamline and press.
  5. Place the fusible fleece inside one of the creases, fold back up and iron.
  6. Take your zipper and lay it ¼” (.6 cms) inside one of the recessed zipper panels. Tuck the end of the zipper tape under as pictured. Fold the zipper panel up with the zipper tape in the middle and pin in place. Make sure your zip is nice and straight as you go. Adding a zipper closure to your bag
  7. Using your zipper foot and a 1/8” (.3 cms) seam allowance, top stitch along one of the short edges and the pinned long edge then along the other short edge. Repeat these steps for the other side of the recessed zipper panel. Your recessed zipper panel is all completed and ready to be attached to the interior bag body pieces! Yay!
  8. Draw a line 1.5″ from the top of your lining body pieces.
  9. Lay one side of the zipper closures centred on this line and pin in place.
  10. Using a 1/4″ seam allowance (and a stitch length of 3.5), sew the zipper closure in place.
  11. Repeat for the other side.


You are now ready to piece your bag together. Join me tomorrow for the last day of the sew along where we will finish our bags!

Happy Sewing,


How gorgeous is this version of The Shine On Sling Bag made with the crossover pockets on the front, made by Totally Toni Handmade.