WOW! You guys have blown me away with your love of The Clear View Pouch! Thanks so much for all of your beautiful messages about my collaboration with Brother Australia, I am just as excited as you guys and am so grateful for all of your support. 

Have you seen all the amazing Clear View Pouches popping up on Instagram and in my FaceBook Group? I would love to see what you make, feel free to tag me on social media. 

This pattern has also been hugely popular with my amazing pattern testing team. Today Tracy from Tracy Fitzgerald Designs & Creations brings you a pattern hack to turn The Clear View Pouch into a boxed pouch which is perfect for storing all those mini lotions and potions you can buy for when you travel! Thanks Tracy I have loved making these and filling them for Christmas gifts. 

This boxed version by The Clear View Pouch is just perfect for Christmas!

Step 1: 
Cut your vinyl 12”x 16”, cut 4 vinyl overlays 1” x 16”, I x 40cm Zip, strong webbing tape 1”w x 11”L

Step 2: 

Attach zip to one end of the vinyl with a piece of vinyl on top and underneath, be sure all edges are lined up.

Step 3: 

Take your piece of webbing and fold each end under 1 “ (hold in place with double sided tape)

Step 4: 

Place webbing on vinyl, centred and 2” from the end without the zip, stitch the ends in place. 

Step 5: 

Stitch other side of zip to other side of vinyl. 

Step 6: 

Fold clear vinyl so the fold is in centre of the webbing.

Step 7:

Like this, stitch both sides, ensure zip is open halfway.

Step 8: 

Now mitre corners by folding side seam to match with top centre, draw a line 1” across (1/2” from end) you can make this bigger if you want a boxier bottom. Stitch over this line. 

Step 8: 

Trim edge away, 1/4″ away from your stitched line. 

Step 9: 

Turn your pouch the right way out, fill with goodies and you are all finished! 

Thankyou Tracy I love this pattern hack on The Clear View Pouch!

Happy Sewing,