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Here we are at Day 3 of The Crafter’s Caddy, Today is an exciting day, we will be working hard on the outside of our Caddy, I am going to talk you through an alternative way to make your strap connectors using vinyl or leather in place of webbing if you would like to try this.

I would love to see your makes as you go along, please tag me on instagram and use the #thecrafterscaddysewalong and #thecrafterscaddy so we can all find posts easily and cheer each other along the way!

Let’s get cracking!

The pattern talks you through adding webbing as the strap connectors. An alternative that you might like to try is using leather or vinyl like I have below on this Caddy.

Connector options

Webbing versus vinyl strap connectors.


Here is my quick pattern hack on making vinyl/leather strap connectors. Please note this hack would work for fabric also, you may need to add some interfacing in the middle of the fabric though for strength.

  1. Cut 4 x vinyl (I used the soft vinyl from Sew Quirky), measuring 4″ Wide x 13″ Length.
  2. Draw a line down the centre of the vinyl (on the wrong side) using an air erasable marker or chalk pen.
  3. Draw a line 1″ either side of the centre line.
  4. Run Double sided tape (DST) either side of the centre line.
  5. Fold each of the long edges along the 1″ mark lines, I like to put a metal ruler on the 1″ line then fold over to get a sharp fold.
  6. Your finished strap connector should now be 1″ Wide.
  7. Continue adding your connectors as per Step 4 in the pattern.

Next up complete step 5 to add a zipper pocket

Here is a video you might find helpful for this step, just remember the Crafter’s Caddy has a 10″ Zipper Pocket, the video shows a shorter video however the process is the same.


The Crafter's Caddy

Once you have completed your zipper pocket, you can go on and add the lining pockets. You can replicate the exterior pockets or if you would like a quicker pocket option simply cut mesh or vinyl 7″ x 23″, add bias binding along the top and bottom edges and divide your pockets where you would like them to be. (I divided my pockets into 3).

The Crafter's Caddy

Phew! That was a big day but guess what! We are almost finished. You have done the hard yards. Join me tomorrow for the final day of the Crafter’s Caddy Sewalong where we will be joining our Caddies together!! It’s so exciting.

Until then,

Happy Sewing.

Kylie. xx

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