We have arrived!!

The last day of The Crafter’s Caddy Sewalong is HERE!

I would love to see your makes as you go along, please tag me on instagram and use the #thecrafterscaddysewalong and #thecrafterscaddy so we can all find posts easily and cheer each other along the way!

The Crafter's Caddy

Let’s get this happening!

  • Following step 7, join the short edges of the body panels together.
  • If you find your machine struggles with so many layers, you can cut the foam on the base panel smaller to reduce the bulk in your seams.
  • Follow step 8 to join the body panels to the base. Remember to snip the curved edges to help ease the curves once sewn.
  • Follow step 9 to join the caddy pieces together, you will turn your completed caddy through your zipper pocket. If you haven’t done this before with my designs it is a serious game changer! When turning through the zipper pocket, pull slowly. It is a huge bulk to get through the pocket don’t force it.
  • Make and attach your straps and you are finished!!

Now give your Crafter’s Caddy a final iron and fill it up with your crafty goodness!¬†Stand back and admire your beautiful work! Well done!!

Crafter's Caddy made using Mister Domestic fabric.



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