A few weeks ago I released my newest pattern- The Stacks On Duffle Bag.

Thankyou so much for all of your love for this design, it seems that a duffle bag is what you have all been waiting for as I have seen them popping up everywhere on social media! I am so excited to see you making them. Remember you can always join my facebook group to see what others are sewing up using my patterns.

The Stacks On Duffle Bag is the perfect carry-on luggage, a breeze to make and easy to carry, you will love making this practi cal and fun bag. The Stacks On Duffle Bag features a zipper closure, internal zipper pocket, comfortable shoulder straps and large exterior slip pockets at each end of the bag. It has a soft finish using fusible fleece as the interfacing making it easy to store and pack in your suitcase as an extra bag when needed. Make one for yourself and one for the kids to go to grandma’s house. The construction of this bag is magic with a non drop-in lining, you will be whipping these up before you can say “STACKS ON.”

Today’s blog post is to share a few extra features that you could add to your next Stacks On Duffle Bag. Enjoy.

1. You can add mesh pockets to the inside or the outside of your Stacks On Duffle Bag. This is great to hold small items in place.

I used “By Annie’s Mesh” for this internal pocket, I made it approximately 2/3 the size of the side panel, added bias tape across the top edge and basted in place. You could use vinyl also however remember this may turning your bag out the right way at the end a little trickier.

2. Adding a cross body strap.

There are two ways I like to add the connectors for the cross body strap option.

  • Using webbing, I lay a row of webbing centred on the side panel and stitch in place. This gives the cross body strap lots of support if you carry heavier items in your bag. You can lay the pocket over the top once you have sewn the webbing in place. (Mine looks really off centre in this pic! Make sure your webbing is centred, don’t do what Kylie does or you will end up with a wonky bag haha)



  • You can also add leather/webbing with D rings in the top of the side panels (I added mine underneath the piping). This won’t give as much support as the webbing option, suitable for lighter weights in your duffle.

Add your cross body strap and away you go!!

I hope this gives you a few more ideas for your next Stacks On Duffle Bag.

Happy Sewing, Kylie x