Little Moo Masterclasses

The 2021 masterclass schedule will be updated soon, Kylie loves teaching her patterns almost as much as she enjoys designing them. Join her for a fun filled session of sewing where you can learn new skills and take home a completed project.

The classes have been graded to suit a variety of skill levels, bookings for all sessions are through the venues.

To download a PDF version of the Masterclass schedule grab it here, or you can see the classes by location below.

2021 Masterclass Schedule Coming Soon

Little Moo Designs masterclasses are able to be taught in shops with the following conditions:

  1. Prior permission is required from Little Moo Designs before classes are undertaken
  2. Each participant must have their own printed copy of the pattern (please contact me regarding wholesale patterns)
  3. Patterns from my book, The Escape Travel Set are unable to be taught in classes, sorry.
  4. Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss.
  5. If you would like to enquire about me teaching a masterclass at your shop please email me for details or use the contact page

Wholesale enquiries are welcome, please email me for a marketing kit:

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