Chibi Bags – Little Moo Mini Pattern #1 (Children’s Sewing Patterns)



‘Chibi’ is the Japanese term for tiny, small, little. The ‘Chibi’ Bags are exactly this, small and adorable!

Designed for those learning to sew, this beginner friendly project will help you create a reversible tiny tote bag or fabric basket. Mix and match your favourite fabrics and carry them everywhere you go with the gorgeous Chibi Bag! By moving the strap placement, you can make the Chibi Bag into a Chibi Basket. And best of all, the Chibi Bag is fully reversible!

Finished Size: 8” High x 9” Wide (without handles) (20 cms High x 23 cms Wide)

Note to parents: The Chibi Bags are the perfect learn to sew project. Recommended for children aged 8+, full supervision is recommended when teaching your child to sew. It is suggested that for the first time the Chibi Bag is made, you cut and fuse the bag for your child. Help them practice neat straight stitching, explain the importance of reverse stitching at the beginning and end of each row of stitching and guide them through the pattern. Children will need assistance with this pattern, it aims to teach that with straight line sewing, there is a whole world of possibilities.

Please be mindful that these patterns are NOT designed for children to sew by themselves. Supervision is required when cutting, ironing and sewing to ensure the safety of your child. They may need your assistance to show them the pattern process, your patience and a positive attitude and feedback will help the sewing process be a rewarding one.  You are purchasing a PDF Pattern only in this listing. The pattern includes instructions, colour photographs and digitised pattern pieces. You will also find hints for helping your child learn to sew!