Hi there and welcome to the Jasper Messenger Bag Sewalong!

I am sew excited that you can join me for this fun, bite sized breakdown of my new release pattern which I just love so much.

Jasper Messenger Bag, orange water proof canvas body of the bag with a floral fabric with an elephant as the flap. Laying on a background of stones.

If this is your first LMD Sewalong, let me tell you a little about how this will work:

  • Each day I will release a blog post (for the next 5 days) which will release bite size chunks of the Jasper Messenger Bag to help you sew your own bag
  • There will be hints, tips, videos of some steps and lots more!

Let’s get started: 

First things first, if you aren’t already, I suggest joining my FB Group Little Moo Designs Sewcialists so you can chat with everyone else along the way.

Secondly, you will need to purchase the Jasper Messenger Bag Pattern and have this printed out and ready to kick off.

*Printing tip: please check the 1″ test square is the correct size on your pattern piece, if it’s not please adjust your printer settings and try again.

I’d love you to share your progress along the way, let’s use the following hashtags to help find each others posts: #littlemoodesigns #jaspermessengerbag #jmbsewalong

Let’s start Day 1!!

Today we are going to start off by organising supplies and cutting out our bags.

  • Have a think about how you would like to finish your bag, the pattern includes recommended interfacing however you can adjust this to suit your individual needs. I recently made one using foam instead of fleece and I quite like the finish of this.
  • Using the cutting chart in the pattern, cut all pieces required for your bag.
  • Following the manufacturer’s instructions, fuse the interfacings to your fabrics.
  • Grab your webbing and cut to size, heat seal using a lighter or similar.
  • Put all the hardware that you will use in a bowl for safe keepings and to avoid losing bits as you go through.
  • Make sure to snap a picture of your fabric and hardware choices and share in my FB Group.

That’s it for day 1, check back tomorrow for our next step which is the bag flap! Exciting.


Jasper Messenger Bag made by Jessica Molly Taylor, JJ & Hux Fabrics.