Welcome to Day 3 of the Jasper Messenger Bag Sewalong!

How did you go yesterday with your bag flap? Did you try piping for the first time or use one of your fav feature fabrics? I would love to know, feel free to comment below and don’t forget to share in my FB group – Little Moo Designs Sewcialists. 

A unique feature of the Jasper Messenger Bag is the triangle corners in the bag body. I wanted to show you a unique technique that adds interest to your bag that can also be used in other designs. Below is one I prepared earlier.

The reason I really like this type of corner is apart from the way it looks, I find it helps your bag sit nicely.

For today’s sewalong, we are going to make the bag body.

That’s a wrap on day 3, I look forward to seeing you tomorrow when we will finish our bags off!