Welcome to the LMD Maker’s Spotlight where I get to share with you amazing LMD Maker’s. You will get to learn more about their bag making journey’s and see some of their inspirational work.

Today’s LMD Maker’s Spotlight is all about MEW Designs. I have had the pleasure of knowing Michelle for a number of years now, I love her artistic style, use of fun colours and unique twist on her designs.MEW Designs

I am excited to introduce you to Michelle:

– Please introduce yourself and your business (if you have one), where we can find you on social media and websites.

I’m Michelle, the creator behind MEW Designs. I love to make quirky accessories that work in with every day life – life is too short not to have fun with fashion and wear all the colours.



How did you get into bag making? Tell me about your journey

I fought the creative for a long time. After a wild adventure that ended up working in construction on coal mines, the FIFO project ended and I followed my heart and moved to a small town in central Queensland. I decided that I wanted to give sewing another go having learnt from mum at high school. I purchased a cheap machine and overlocker and was up and running. The local fabric shop just happened to have the amazing Tracy Fitzgerald working there, so I made a friend and got tips from a bag making master!

Things really started to take off when we moved to Brisbane and I was able to go to TAFE full time and study fashion design. My Advanced Diploma collection pushed me and I made a wearable, fun and print driven collection. I signed up to the follow on degree but realised it wasn’t for me, so now I’m making fun leather bags and seeing where this adventure takes me next.

– What is your favourite bag making notion?

A screw driver/ pin. At tafe I learnt from a production master who could use a pin to MacGyver out of anything. We couldn’t pin garments, only use the pin to manipulate fabric through the machine. It keeps you fingers away from the needle!

– What type of sewing machine do you use to sew your bags and why?

I find I use my Juki 2010Q the most, it partially because it’s the machine I use most often so I know it’s quirks and that it handles the bulk well. I’m working on getting an industrial up and running so I can really go fast.

– Whats your favourite bag making/sewing advice to tell someone starting out?

Don’t point out the mistakes of a make, instead tell people why you like it and what you learnt! Be kind to yourself and don’t expect perfection – doing quality control for a local fashion label taught me that it’s not perfect – it’s quality that matters.

– What is your all time fav LMD pattern and why?

Tainted Love Clutch, and because you can do some much with it and really show off a special fabric or leather. It’s the pattern I go back to and just keep making.

Tainted Love Clutch

– What is your favourite joke?

They’re not the sort to write down, I’ll get in trouble!

– What is a fact that people would not know about you but might find interesting!

I think that I’m a nerd is well known, but I’m a huge space nerd, and went to space camp at Star City in Russia in grade 10. I’m still sad that my brain just doesn’t work for engineering, but have found what I love!

– What is a sewing skill you havent yet mastered but want to try

TAFE was wonderful for giving us a large range of experiences and a full book of samples. I really love Millinery and would to do some more hats in different materials.

– What do you like to listen to when sewing?

RuPauls Drag Race and Project Runway get played a lot as background in my studio. I’m always jealous of the people who can listen to a podcast while they sew! When I focus I block out noise, I think studying in law library perfected the skill and it’s stayed with me!

Thanks so much Michelle for taking us into your Maker’s World. Here are some other amazing make’s made by Michelle, please pop by her socials and give her a follow.

Until next time,

Happy Sewing,

Kylie. xx

Tainted Love Clutch MEW Designs Bag Tainted Love Clutch