Welcome to the LMD Maker’s Spotlight where I get to share with you amazing LMD Maker’s. You will get to learn more about their bag making journey’s and see some of their inspirational work.

Today’s LMD Maker’s Spotlight is all about one of the loveliest ladies I know, Sharon from Tessuto Bags. Sharon is from near my hometown in Victoria and I have had the pleasure of knowing her for a number of years now.

Let me introduce you to Sharon and her gorgeous bags!

Hi my name is Sharon and my business name is Tessuto Bags.  I am on facebook, Instagram and have my own web page.




I am a Melbourne born and bred girl who has moved to the country in the last 10 years.  My husband and I currently live in Moama NSW which is right on the Victorian border along the Murray River.

How did you get into bag making? Tell me about your journey

Sewing didn’t come easy for me.  I started at High School for a couple of years, then did some KnitWit sewing for a while (that ages me!!!)

I came into bag making when I saw my niece making the NCW.  I looked around for something easier and my first actual bag was a black velvet kiss clasp clutch for my step daughters wedding.  That was five years ago and I was hooked.

I have slowly progressed from fabric to vinyl and now to leather loving all mediums.

What is your favourite bag making notion?

My favourite and least favourite is my unpicker!  It is used regularly!! Oh and also my chop stick for getting corners to look good.

What type of sewing machine do you use to sew your bags and why?

I have a Janome CS995 and a Zoje industrial cylinder arm.  The cylinder arm is a must for me when sewing with leather and thicker vinyl. I am also awaiting the arrival of my Janome HD 9.

Harlow Bag

Pattern: https://littlemoodesigns.com/product/the-harlow-bag/

What’s your favourite bag making/sewing advice to tell someone starting out?

You are going to make mistakes, don’t panic, everyone does.  There is a huge network of like minded people out there to help and answer your questions.  Don’t be afraid to reach out.

What is your all time fav LMD pattern and why?

So many to choose from but at the moment is is the Harlow Tote Bag.

What is your favourite joke?

OMG I am hopeless with jokes, I love hearing them but 10 minutes later I cant remember them!!!!

Tainted Love Clutch


What is a fact that people would not know about you but might find interesting!

Probably my background.  I started out working as a nurse at Fairfield Hospital in Victoria.  For those too young to remember that was the Infectious Diseases Hospital.  I moved on from nursing and went into Human Resources and OHS.

Oh and I married my boss.  Well he thinks he is the boss!!!!

What is a sewing skill you haven’t yet mastered but want to try?

I would love to learn to use and embroidery sewing machine.

Queen Bee Bowler Bag

Queen Bee Bowler Bag Pattern: https://littlemoodesigns.com/product/queenbeebowlerbag/

What do you like to listen to when sewing?

I either have Foxtel on my Tablet or music (many different types) or hubby trying to talk politics to me (I blank out).

Thankyou so much Sharon, I loved learning a little more about your work.

Make sure to pop a comment below and check out Tessuto Bags for loads of bagspiration!


Abstract Tote Bag