Welcome to day 2 of the Shine On Sling Bag Sew Along!! It’s time to get our sew on!!

Grab your pattern and your cut out bag and let’s get cracking. Today we are constructing the crossover pockets, adding piping (optional) and adding a zipper pocket. I have made some videos to help you along the way. Don’t forget to share your progress in my Facebook group so we can all cheer each other along!

Follow steps 2 & 3 of your Shine On Sling Bag pattern.

Shine On Sling Bag

  • Using the pattern instructions, make the crossover pockets.

Crossover Pockets, Shine On Sling Bag.

  • If you are not putting a feature on the front of your bag, you could put the crossover pockets on the front of your bag instead (or put them on the front and the back!).

  • If you are adding piping to your pockets you might find this Youtube video helpful.
  • Now it’s time to add a zipper pocket to the lining if your bag. When I teach my masterclasses, zippers are often a road block for people. I hope that with the videos I have made for this step it helps you squash those zipper fears. I do apologise that this step is in 3 videos instead of 1. My phone and internet were not playing along nicely so please click through each video.
  • Video 1
  • Video 2
  • Video 3
  • If you really really do not want to add a zipper pocket to your bag you will need to leave a turning gap in your lining as this pattern is designed to turn your completed bag through the zipper pocket.

Join me tomorrow for Day 3 of the sewalong.

Happy Sewing


Shine On Sling Bag Sew Along