Yay! If you made it this far we are now on the home stretch.

In today’s sew along we will complete our bags! (This pic is how I feel when I get to this step!!)

Follow your pattern and complete steps 6, 7, 8 & 9.

Hot Tip: If you do not have the ‘O’ Ring hardware, you can make a single strap. Do this by measuring where you would like your bag to sit (crossbody or over the shoulder). Skip the strap connector step and make your strap as per the instructions. You will not need to fold the short edges of your continuous strap.

Shine On Sling Bag

When adding gussets to your bag, start in the centre of your bag and work your way to the top. You will need to ease your gusset into the curved edges. Use loads of wonderclips (or pegs) to hold in place so that you can adjust as needed.

Your bag is now completed!!

Stay tuned for Day 5 of the Shine On Sling Bag Sew Along where I will give you lots of tips on taking amazing photos of your completed bags!!

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